Monday, November 27, 2006

Its been a pleasure

I know I should’ve posted this long time ago since I’ve stopped posting way back, but what can I say... I was too damn lazy!

It has been a great time writing in this blog & getting all sorts of feedbacks & comments from all of you.

If by any chance I’ve said something wrong or mistakenly insulted anyone of you, then please accept my apology. If any of my posts or comments made you smile or even in some rare, unusual, exceptional, remarkable, extraordinary occasions, made you laugh, then I’m glad for that :)

I really didn’t want to stop posting but I’ve been hassled too much by the government & some corrupted politicians... (yeah right!)

So anyway, lets not make this a long story since I know many of you are crying just by reading this :p

So, take care, & enjoy life :)